Ten Tips About Depth Cleanouts

An elbow-depth bottom writes:

What is your opinion about laxatives? I fast for thirty hours prior to a session. This includes taking laxatives about twenty-four hours out.

I have a brief write-up about laxatives and cleaning out on the Art & Science of Fisting pages here (Fist Club version 2.019). An even more extensive look into cleaning out is coming soon with the new University (Fist Club version 2.020). Apart from the use of a fiber supplement (which is actually a type of laxative), here are my thoughts:

1. Avoid laxatives and fasting if possible. Both should be a last resort for regular fisting play within a home. They may be employed for extended fisting events or fisting parties at locations without touch-up facilities. Even then, it’s often more important to keep calories and body systems in homeostasis then to starve for a spotless hole, especially if alcohol or pot is in use.

2. Don’t worry about shitting in the shower. For depth fisters, toilets are so 1776.

Fun Fact: Thomas Crapper didn’t invent the flush toilet. The first toilet became available around 1775, shortly after the Boston Tea Party (caffeine is a laxative), but before George Washington crossed the Delaware to find a Starbucks with an unlocked bathroom.

3. Start by diet modification. Natural fibers, zinc supplements, the B.R.A.T. diet for off-site events, and counter-intuitively: CORN. Use corn scientifically to figure out how different foods linger inside your digestive system. Keep in mind first in, first out when conducting your study.

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4. Drink more water. The large intestine soaks about a liter of water out of the chyme inside it every day. More water means more manageable stool.

5. Change up your douche habits. Again, go about this scientifically. Experiment with different pressures (higher/lower), nozzles (long/short, metal/silicon, firm/flexible), positions (side, squat, hokey-pokey), and finally, methods & timing. Find what works best for your hole.

I recently changed my douche nozzle and it improved my cleanout times and successes. It also changed how my rings react to fluid inside me.

6. Eliminate douching for unnecessary reasons, especially for solo play. Your biome keeps fungal infections and STIs at bay–douching depletes the natural biome and allows the unnatural an easy foothold.

7. Incorporate long, flexible double-ended dildos into your douche routine. This trains your body to respond to stimuli and vacate. Use lube on both the toy and your douche hose so your anal canal isn’t overly irritated even before your first fist. Silicon and lipid-based lubes are best for the shower.

8. Take a hiatus from party drugs. If party drugs are on the plate, wean yourself off of them. They fuck with body systems. Reintroduce them only after you figure out your best cleanout routine. (BTW, I’m a sober fister and discourage harder chems during FF play, but also recognize the reality of this world and the intensity they bring to the circuit world).

9. Take Imodium only if needed. Save it for extended, multi-day sessions like M.A.L, Fist Fest, or Rosebowl.

Interestingly enough, the act of depth fisting usually triggers your intestine to enter ‘sleep mode’, working as a natural anti-diarrheal.

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10. Change your attitude about shit. You don’t need to flag brown, but you don’t need to be sacrificing your health for the sake of never letting them see you shit.

This means a couple of things for all Fisters:

  • As a top, you should discretely deal with flotsam. Keep three or for sheets of paper towels at your feet so that you don’t have to make a scene about disposing of leftovers.
  • As a bottom, try your best to be clean, but don’t lose your shit if you lose your shit. If you can’t get clean 7 out of 10 sessions, then depth may not be for you.

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