Wrecked Hole & Endurance Marathons

This week, an online acquaintance asked:

Expert help needed!!

Have any of you guys tried, that after a couple of hours with good ffun, your hole suddenly simply shuts down, being so tight that not even a finger can go in? 

Happens all the time, and it’s so damn frustrating

Let me first start with a couple of caveats:

  • I’m an introvert and a couple of hours of sex to me (especially as the only bottom) just seems taxing, to say the least. I do play longer, but I’m worn out mentally and physically afterward.
  • My ass was never built for an endurance marathon. I’ve tried building up stamina with various training routines to no avail. This is likely related to the extreme stress on my guts due to really deep insertion. I’m also mildly allergic to most lubes.

With that in mind, here are the seven suggestions I provided to help him last longer during his sessions:

You may want to alter these aspects of your fisting sessions: punch fisting routines, warmup duration, hand size, lubrication, lubrication temperature, popper usage, and pre-fisting douche routines.

  1. Punching an untrained hole causes swelling in tissues. Although the epithelial (skin) tissue is avascular (no vessels), there is a ton of underlying tissue that is highly vascularized to help your butt prevent the free flow of gas and liquid when you aren’t in the loo. Once those vascularized tissues swell, you are toast. As another guy put it–you’ve hit the wall.
    • Resolution: There are two things you can do here. First, limit the intensity. This means decreasing the duration of punching, the speed at which they are given, and the roughness of the penetration. Your top is irritating the tissues and that results in inflammation and swelling. Second, save the punching until the end of the session.
  2. Modify your warm-up time. I personally prefer less than two minutes of warm-up. The poking and prodding both tend to irritate my anal canal; however, I’m in the minority. Most men like a good warm-up. The routine needs to be solid though. Again, haphazard poking and prodding do nothing to prepare your hole for the brutality you are about to subject it to.
  3. Resolution: Make sure your top is doing the Big Ben on your anal canal. The Big Ben involves using both hands during the warm-up. Novice holes should start with four fingers (two on each hand) completely inserted into the hole. Palms are placed outward so that the fingers are knuckle to knuckle. The top should then press outward in opposite directions for a 20-second count. After 20 seconds, he should rotate 45 degrees and repeat. The outward press lasts another 20 seconds. Repeat this process moving 45 degrees each set until you make a full clockwise rotation of stretches. Have him complete the task with finesse. He is not the HULK going to town on your hole at this point of your session.
  4. Speaking of the HULK, the size of the hand is relevant. Large paws require more caressing and less aggression.
  5. Resolution: Seek smaller hands to help build up duration. Alternatively, if your playmate has large paws, have him set up camp inside your rectum (all the way through the anal canal). Once he’s there, keep him there. Let him explore the terrain without extracting his hand from your ass.
  6. Overdependence on poppers to open your hole indicates you haven’t done the slow methodical training. You will tire sooner rather than later once the effectiveness of the vasodilation is null due to maximum saturation.
  7. 4) my hole shuts up after ice, but it does like really cold lube and really warm lube. Speaking of lube, use more. Preferably a polymer based lube Like x, j, k, xanthan. If you like Crisco, apply it first during your stretch routine. It needs to be whipped or easy to spread so you aren’t tearing tissue while you wait for it to melt. If you do use ice, coat with lube first. Remember the skin tissue in your hole is the same that’s in your throat.
  8. 5) Douche with a stainless Steel or polished nickel nozzle. Something metal. Use silicon lube in shower on nozzle. Decrease water pressure. You may be taxing your butt before you play.
  9. 6) You are not punchpanda, skyporter, punch93, or any of the twitter punch gods. Those boys trained their holes extensively over a long period of time.
  10. 7) You may be allergic to the lube you use. Try something else

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