Burn the House Down

0232 in 1421 of 4801 at 1600

Wow! Just got back from an amazing session with one of the hottest fisters in Texas. This story ends in a towering inferno, so here’s how it all went down…

Queue the sun–another day begins. Like any self-respecting pervert, I reach for the smart phone to check messages, tumblr, SCRUFF, RECON and play a game of SUDOKU before I crawl out of bed. Usually, I run the MATCH function on SCRUFF as part of this morning routine.

In MATCH, this hot little fucker in a red NP ballcap and red-piped harness passes through my feed at about 15 miles away. Of course, I mark “I am Interested” and finish the stack. Then I jump to the normal screen and scroll down until I find his profile.

A day later, around 4:00 PM, I’m naked in his hotel room on the 15th floor. Reaching that room was no small feat; partly because my foot is currently in a boot from a serious sprain, and partly because he said ‘bring all your big toys’. In order to accommodate such a request, a small suitcase is needed. When fully loaded with the toys, it weighs about 40 pounds.

For two hours, we fuck, we fist, and fuck some more. His arm slid all the way up to the elbow and we made out comfortably while he tickled my insides.

His sloppy hole sucked up one of my toys almost to the base, and when I implanted my fist in his ass, his eyes rolled back as if he was in total nirvana. I wanted to stay in his sweet hole forever, and only pulled out because he insisted that he wanted to hide his elbow in me again, then watch my ass swallow the largest toy I have. Of course, as a Versatile Bottom, I obliged.

As we wrapped up and cleaned up, the building’s alarms went off:

“Guests, please note there is a reported incident in the building. Evacuate immediately. Do not use the Elevator. Repeat: Evacuate immediately.”

The hot little ffucker helped me, my boot, my backback, my play bag, and my 40 pound suitcase full of massive dildos down a shit-ton of stairs to escape the inferno. No way in hell am I’m leaving all those play toys there to go up in smoke!

He’s back again in a few weeks. We hope to hide his bicep this time around.

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