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Bryant and I had chatted off-and-on during the entire week of Fantasy Fest and were finally able to get some time together last night. Bottoms like this are what makes fisting such a great copulatory release.

His hole opened right up to my touch, essentially begging for some really quick penetration. Within minutes he swallowed my entire hand and was ready to take the second hand alongside it. Though we were unable to cross that barrier, we had fun trying. Any good Bottom worth his salt is bound to have a decent toy collection. His were prepped and ready. I also able to try them out on his hole and immediately added them to my wish/purchase list after returning home.

Here is an abbreviated list of awesome qualities of this fucker:

– Hot Body
– Great Hands
– Awesome Kisser
– Fun Toys
– Sexy Face
– Hungry Hole
– Poppers Freak
– Smart/Intelligent
– Fitness Guru

I’d definitely play with him every day of the week and twice on Sundays. If all Bottoms were like him, I could top forever. Awesome man.

Update:  So make that every day of the week and twice on Mondays. I returned to fist him two more times the following Monday. During my final visit that day, I fisted him while riding his big-ass toys. Phenomenal experience.

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