Doctor, You’ve Got a Call on Line 6

0099 in 1329 of 0715 at 1400

I’m generally a sucker for the following qualities in a guy:

  • Fur
  • Round Belly
  • Intelligence
  • Sincerity

This man (#0099) had all of those things and more. What a fantastic find!

First, he’s a surgeon, and while not a specialist with the intestinal system, he’s got great familiarity with the area in question affecting my current fisting capabilities. He’s generously offered to read my OP Report and interpret it from a fisting perspective. From that, we can determine a long term outlook and plan for my hole.

Second, with his medical knowledge and his years in the fisting scene, he understands from both a Top and Bottom’s perspective the insides of a fist chute. He truly knows how to fist like a 50 year veteran.

Third, he kisses like there will be no sunrise tomorrow, and that always gives me wood.

Our session took up a good portion of the afternoon. So long in fact, that I had two conference calls during it, and he had to ride my toys during one of them. The other call? Well, let’s just say if his phone rang, neither of his hands would be in a spot to answer it. Other items of note from this hot playdate included:

  • some good stretch play on toys
  • some even better stretch play and both hands (for each of us)
  • a great trippe to popper land
  • the addition of his load to my cum jock (he cums boatloads)
  • lots of kissing

Did I mention he’s a great kisser? That always gives me wood, which generally results in penile penetration of my hole, my partner’s hole or both. In this case, there was a lot of flip-fucking.

On a side note, I didn’t sense any guile or dishonesty from this man whatsoever. For that reason, I’d definitely open up my inner self and develop a friendship with him that had the extra bonus of fisting intimacy.

Update: He hasn’t read my operative report yet, but he was able to feel the patch inside my sigmoid colon. His current advice is to stay shallow for another six months or so before jumping back into the journey to the pit!

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