Grunt Grunt Snort Grunt

0100 in 0101 of 1550 at 2200

I rarely play with men below thirty, but I’m glad I made an exception for this guy.

His hole was hungry; his hands were eager; his lips were supple; and his beard was ginger. The conglomeration of these things, and the passion unleashed from within made this session one of my favorites to date.

Our session started with a good bit of makeout and some intense rimming, and it wrapped up with an over-the-top makeout session coupled with my fist in his hole and a literal sharing of one another’s breath.

Breath Control   /noun/ A sexual kink/fetish practice that involves restricting or controlling the breathing patterns of the subordinate partner.

Pranayama   /noun/ The regulation of the breath through certain techniques and exercises.

Tantric Pranayama   /noun/ The practice of synchronizing respiration with your partner to enhance physical intimacy and awareness during which both partners inhale and exhale simultaneously.

Aspiration Congruence   /noun/ The practice of coordinating inhalation and exhalation patterns during sexual coitus that allow one partner to exhale into the lungs of the opposite partner, essentially breathing for one another.

Amyl/Popper Conversion   /noun/ The act of exhaling poppers into the lungs of a partner, specifically during sexual activity.

The experience was surreal, the combination of popper conversion with aspiration congruence and certain aspects of tantric pranayama, coupled with his arm deeply implanted in my hole and our mouths being locked together caused me to shoot cum farther than I ever have before.

Sandwiched between the opening and closing makeout sessions and the explosive ejaculation, my mind and body were overwhelmed with the following items.

  • His incredible pig vocalizations each time my fist pummeled his hole. These were not run-of-the-mill groans, but actual grunts and snorts. They originally caught me by surprise, but their erotic nature augmented and enhanced the activities in which we were engaged. (I regret not having my phone record them because they were so erotic).
  • A fuck-ton of popper infused power fisting.
  • A near-miss on double-fisting of my hole.
  • My first ‘FistyNine’ experience where we fisted each other simultaneously.
  • Some good-ole, man-to-man fuck time. Making out gives me wood and that wood has to go somewhere! Same was true for his massive hardon.
  • And finally, a brief jerk-off in his hole because my dick was lonely in there and needed some company.

Two days later, my hole is still singing his praises.

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