Popper Strength & Duration

A friend asks…

1. What brands/varieties of poppers are the best right now in the US?

2. Are poppers actually getting less powerful as they’re subject to ever-increasing state regulation, or did I just build my tolerance to a point where no poppers are going to do the job that I remember them once being able to do?

Here’s my general canned response to these and similar questions (or rants about the golden age of poppers):

  • It’s often the luck of the draw when purchasing poppers. Occasionally, you get a bad batch. The vendor may have had manufacturing issues. The retailer may have stored them too long before resale. The shipping process might have exposed them to an extensive amount of temperature differences. It’s unfortunate, but a fact of life we must deal with.
  • After purchase, the location where you store and where you use your poppers makes a difference. The chemical bonds take very little energy to start degrading into a combination of water and the ‘headache maker’ residual chemical compound. If you are in the shower or near the pool or wet area, you will likely get less staying power out of ta bottle. The same is true for keeping them in the freezer–unless you live in a desert area like Arizona or the mountain West where there is almost zero humidity in the air. When you pull them out of the freezer in a non-desert climate, the cold bottle will interact with the humidity and cause condensation on the bottle. That moisture will cause faster degradation, even inside the bottle. Little bits of moisture can work in through the seal quite easily. Store poppers in a cool, dry place. If you must store them in the fridge, leave them out an hour or so before opening the bottle.
  • Even a little sunlight heats the bottle up and degrades amyl and butyl compounds. To see this principle in action, take a bottle outside on a sunny warm day. Within minutes, one can feel the temperature change in the bottle. An exothermic reaction triggered by the photons from the sun is underway inside the bottle. Poppers packaging is designed to hamper this reaction, but direct sunlight is a very strong enemy.
  • I never knew the Golden Age of Poppers. Most X’rs, Millenials, and Post-Millenials didn’t either. Having said that, we only hear rumors about how good poppers used to be. Formulas today may not be as potent as days of yore, but it’s likely that the golden age is more myth than reality. There is no government agency in the USA, Canada, or the EU that is tracking down popper vendors to verify the formula inside (at least that I am aware of). A more logical explanation is faulty memory and a combination of poppers with other substances or mentalities during the golden age.
  • The body will build up a tolerance to poppers, especially if used daily. Cells in the body will create additional smooth endoplasmic reticulum to detoxify the invading substance. Take a break, rotate formulas. After several weeks, that cell will cease maintaining non-essential components and return you to normal.
  • Last, but not least, there are two words that determine the ‘BEST’ poppers on the market: Human Physiology. Everybody and every BODY reacts differently to poppers. One man’s ‘God Damn, that shit makes me think I can go to the shoulder if I take one more hit of that!’ is another man’s ‘God Damn, did you buy those poppers in 1997?’

Medical Confessions of an Anatomy & Microbiology Student – Fisting Edition

Sorry for the stream of consciousness here. I’m just throwing out ideas to circle back on as my knowledge grows.

So, I’m going back to school–maybe to become a PA or Nurse–maybe to work in informatics in Healthcare software. This semester I’m in both Anatomy and Microbiology and my goal is to consider fisting-related applications with all of the knowledge I’m acquiring.

The first unit in Microbiology discussed fungi and their typical food palate. Apparently they really like sugars. Guess what! J-lube is 75% sugar. Any variation in the normal biome could turn into a Fungi heaven. This seems to be my issue. For years, I’ve had a propensity for Jock Itch. With fisting, lube gets everywhere. I find that if I don’t scrub that stuff up, I flare up with extreme jock itch/fungal infection. I wonder if the insides of my gut also experience said issues–as I often itch in the hypogastric (below the belly button area) after I’ve dosed up with lube.

I inject about 100 to 200 ml of lube inside my ass per session, and externally apply another 50 ml. During the following days, my belly itches and my balls itch. I’ve not heard of other fisters with said problem, so it may just be me, but it’s interesting to discuss.

In anatomy, we have been discussing OSMOSIS and tonicity and doing experiments with sucrose and water. It seems that J-lube with its sugars would suck the water out of your gut and make you even more dehydrated after the extensive douching already has depleted electrolytes. Will circle back once we discuss tissues.

Thoughts from Anatomists and Microbiologists out there?

Crossing the Barrier — A Second Ring Virgin Asks a Shitty Question

A friend asks

‘On the last night of M.A.L., I finally made it past the second ring! Wow! Intense! Unimaginable! Four days later, my stool is abnormally soft compared to before I passed the ring. Did I straighten my fistchute, and will my poop always be different now?’

While I’m not a medical professional, I do have routine depth experience and know dozens of bottoms that routinely play just short of the elbow in many of their sessions. Since you only lose that cherry once, I immediately replied that it was unlikely that anybody deep recalls how soft their poop was after they crossed that milestone. However, I asked. All ten bottoms responded that they don’t recall their first post-second ring BM, and their stool always returns to normal within 24 to 48 hours of play.

So what was the diagnosis for my friend? It’s likely he seriously jacked-up his intestinal flora. A single bowel movement removes roughly three trillion of your gut bacteria. A deep douche probably clears out six trillion. It takes less than twenty-four hours to restore the bacteria lost from defecation, and probably thirty-six for a really deep douche. If you are at M.A.L, not eating right, and douching three times a day to accommodate all that butt sex and elbows in your hole, you will likely deplete your intestinal flora down to abnormally low levels (1 trillion or so). It may take a few days to restore your poop to its normal state.

I’d like to point out that I am not a doctor, and I don’t know your sexual habits, nor your douche techniques so there are a few other things to consider:

1. Was your play rough enough that your bowel is still in a certain level of shock?

Sometimes, really rough play shuts your system down, although it should return to normal within two days.

2. Was Imodium or another anti-diarrheal used to make sure you stayed clean for the session(s)?

Sometimes these things take three days to completely make it out of your system. Document your response to this class of drugs so that you know what is normal.

3. Did you take larger than normal doses of codeine, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen for pain or swelling?

These drugs can also put your system to sleep, at least temporarily.  

4. Did you apply topical cremes or have numbing agents in your lube?

The label says external use only, so the lining of the colon may be unhappy and not responding as normal.

5. What was your diet like before, during, and immediately after the event?

If you modified your diet then, your system can take some time to adjust to the change.

6. Did you share lube or not enforce proper handwashing techniques?

A host of STIs can affect your gut. C. diff and shigella can be nasty and may react differently in you than in others. All those chains and sling poles are rarely disinfected. Hep C can linger 24 to 48 hours on external surfaces, and J-Lube, with its 75% sucrose dispersing agent, is yummy food for bacteria and protozoa.

7. Did you have your ass eaten out? Did you eat ass? Were you fucked raw? Were you bred?

Apart from those infections mentioned above, Chlamydia, Giardia, and Gonorrhea can also cause bowel irritation and as a result, different poop.

Aching Hole? Try This…

This week, a friend wrote and said his hole hurt after a particularly aggressive fisting. He asked for remedies to help out and this is how I responded.

  1. Punch Fisting – If you were punch fisting and bruised your tailbone, you are going to have to wait it out for several months. Although I can’t offer any method of relief for this type of injury, I will suggest that you think back fondly of the abuse your hole took that day–every time you sit down.
  2. Width Fisting – If you were stretching the limits with a lengthy traditional session or an aggressive double fisting, try these things:
    • Soak in a hot/warm bath with Epson salt. My friend Jon Anderson introduced me to this method after a whirlwind fisting tour of New England and about 15 fists in my ass in a period of two days. It softened my achy hole up enough that I could pull off one more fisting in Maine to cross every New England state off my fist map.
    • Try Prep H around the hole, in the peri area, and just inside the hole. Do this for about two days to cause the blood vessels to return to normal.
    • Geaux Louisiana-style all over your butt. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is a staple for literal biological parents and their babies in the State of Louisiana. I’ve used it on occasion around the peri area after feeling some discomfort, but I don’t know if it will solve your problems. My kinky Louisiana friends into spanking swear by this cream.
    • Hemp Out! CBD lotions and oils tend to have a calming effect. Give them a try. I’ve heard of something called PDQ (Pretty Darn Quick) on the Facebook pages (FFreshmen and FFantastic Friends), but haven’t used it in person. Word on the street is it burns momentarily but works miracles.
    • Rely on the staples: numbing Cremes like Aspercreme, Benzocaine, and Lidocaine are used by the masters like HungerFF and Chris Wyldeman. I’ve dabbled in these because I freak out after reading the label that says “External Use Only.” At Fist Fest and Rose Bowl, I’ve seen guys add this stuff to their lube to help them take their 73rd fist of the weekend.
    • Get into oral! Try pain killers such as Advil and Motrin (Ibuprofin) to decrease inflammation and swelling. You might hear from a few fisters that Ibuprofin makes your blood thin, increasing your minor pinkness during fisting, but I personally haven’t seen that.
  3. Depth Fisting – If you are in pain after depth fisting which involved a lot of pistoning and oscillating, first, monitor your temperature and your gas. If your temperature rises or you aren’t passing gas, then you may have done some injury and need to seek immediate attention. If it’s just your gut hurting after a deep fisting, you probably bruised your kidney, spleen, pancreas or in my case, your Adam’s Apple.

Houston… We have a problem!

Understanding the Rectum in Depth Fisting (FAQs)

You can improve both your topping and bottoming skills by understanding a few things about the primary pleasure center in fisting.

Why is it called the rectum?

The Greek Physician Galen (129 AD – 210 AD) conducted anatomic investigations on animal corpses and found the last segment of the large intestine to be straight. Rectum is a derivative of Recta, the Latin word for straight. Oddly enough, the rectum is concave in human males and not straight at all.

How do you say Rectum across the world?

If you stick with rectum or rektum, you’ll be pretty safe in most Indo-European languages. Here’s a quick chart:

Standard Derivation Minor Derivation Major Derivation
Albanian: Rektum
Bosnian: Rektum
Croatian: Rektum
Dutch: Rektum
German: Rektum
English: Rectum
French: Rectum
Norwegian: Rektum
Serbian: Rektum
Slovenian: Rektum
Turkish: Rektum
Italian: Retto
Portuguese: Reto
Romanian: Rect
Spanish: Recto
Arabic: Mustaqim
Danish: Endetarm
Finnish: Perasuoli
Greek: Proktos
Hungarian: Vegebel
Polish: Odbytnica
Russian: Pryamaya kishka
Swedish: Andtarm

What is the basic anatomy of the rectum?

The rectum starts about 4 cm (1.5 inches) inside the body. It extends upward about 20cm (8 inches) to the sigmoid colon. In the world of handball, the rectum is defined typically as the part of the fist chute that starts immediately after the first ring and terminates at the second ring.

What is the detailed anatomy of the rectum?

The rectum is situated alongside the lowest vertebrae of the spinal column: the fused sacrum (five vertebrae) and fused coccyx (four vertebrae).  It starts at the top of the sacrum and terminates about 3 cm (1 inch) after the coccyx (tailbone).

The rectum begins as a continuation of the sigmoid colon and ends about 2-3 cm (1 inch) below the tailbone (tip of coccyx). It is divided into two sections: a narrow upper compartment and a lower wider compartment. These compartments are separated by a mucosal fold called the Nelaton Sphincter or the Houston Fold. This fold also corresponds to the breaks between the lesser and greater pelvis (the bladder and prostate are in the lesser pelvis, while kidneys, stomach, liver are located in the greater pelvis).

Rectal walls are composed of smooth muscle tissue and mucosal folds. Besides the Houston Fold, there are up to three additional folds in the rectum, which can either be very pronounced or non-existent. The folds below the Houston are usually void of feces, and those above it can contain remnant fecal material. Feces generally resides in the sigmoid colon and is pushed lower by involuntary muscular contractions called peristalsis. These contractions and muscles are typically dormant when sleeping, but are stimulated by eating or by pressure against the rectal walls.

There are several nerves that feed the prostate and rectum. These nerves are very sensitive to pressure. A sufficient amount of pressure on the rectal nerves will trigger peristalsis and initiate a bowel movement. Pressure on the prostate can trigger orgasm.

How does the rectum of a fister vary from that of a non-fister?

In guys that only get fucked by cocks (no toys, nor hands, nor arms), a 25 cm (10-inch) dick will typically reach and penetrate the entire length of rectum. A very large penis can reach into the second ring. Shorter cocks will run shy by at least several centimeters (or a couple of inches). The width of a normal rectum is about 5 cm (1.5 – 2 inches) in diameter. A really fat dick is about the same size. This means that regular fucking, narrow and shallow toy play, and infrequent fisting sessions will not increase the rectal capacity by any substantial, nor measurable, amount.

In fisters, the smooth muscle tissue grows, thickens, and stretches over time with repeated play sessions. The expanded size of the rectum will be reflected by the frequency of the sessions which involve substantial girth or length (either toys, hands, arms). An advanced fister can have a rectum that stretches to 10-15 cm (4-6 inches) in diameter and 30 cm (12 inches) in length. It is difficult for physicians and tops to distinguish the tightness of the rectum: doctor examinations are typical only when the rectum in a relaxed state, and tops only feel the pressure exerted by the anal canal (the first 4-5 cm [2 inches]) of the fist chute.

Repeated fisting increases the amount of pressure needed to trigger peristalsis and a bowel movement in a fister. Normal humans need about 7330 Pascals of pressure to initiate the process; whereas an advanced fister needs substantially more.

How is the anatomy of the rectum relevant to me as a fister?

There are several valuable insights you can glean from this article.

  1. Pressure in the rectum can trigger a bowel movement, that’s why douching past the rectum deep into the sigmoid is essential when fisting but not necessary when fucking. Remember that dicks rarely reach the sigmoid nor introduce 7330 Pascals of pressure inside the rectum. The descension of fecal material from the transverse and descending colons into the sigmoid and rectum can be triggered by rapid movement or an exertion of pressure on the rectal walls.
  2. Established fisters typically have rectums that stretch so that the folds are not noticeable. With newer fisters, these folds can be extremely pronounced and can make the rectum feel really small. Avoid tearing these folds by encouraging a shallow bottom to play with tapered toys to open these folds.
  3. Many deep bottoms are ONLY playing inside the rectum and barely have the sigmoid colon penetrated. When the top does pass into the sigmoid, it is by 8-12 cm or about 4-5 inches at most. This means depth bottoms have elongated rectums. And even though some depth fisters do go deeper into the sigmoid, my personal experience in most (80%) is that their rectum is stretched and very long. If a depth bottom reached his depth by regular toy play or daily fisting, it’s likely he is a stretch bottom. Knowing in advance what type of bottom you are playing with may prevent injury. Stretch bottoms should not be punched deeply when at full extension; whereas, sigmoidal bottoms have more elasticity and can handle deep pistoning with less concern for injury.
  4. The transformation into a larger, more elastic rectum doesn’t occur naturally, nor should it be rapid or forced. Training should only increase incrementally in values of about a single cm (1/2 inch) in circumference to prevent injury and long-term damage. It’s best to avoid multiple jumps in size in a short period of time.
  5. Shallower PUNCH bottoms may not even pass the Houston fold during their punch sessions, so greater depth may be uncomfortable to them.

Why does it feel good when fisting?

There are at least two or three reasons why fisting feels really good, especially rectal play. Apart from the psychological reasons involving trust and intimacy, physiological responses to being fisted are quite intense. First, the walls of the rectum are close to the shared nerves of the prostate, thus the stimulation results in sexual pleasure. Additional nerves in the rectum are sometimes responsible for a state of ‘poop-euphoria’ that occurs during defecation. Poo-phoria, as it is sometimes called, is triggered by a drop in the heart rate, decreased blood pressure (less blood to the brain), and a pause or cessation of normal breathing.

Why is this post titled ‘Houston… We have a problem!’?

As mentioned before, the Houston Fold inside the rectum is the barrier between the lower and upper compartments of the rectum. A normal bowel movement with healthy, fiber-rich stool may clear the lower chamber, but leave the upper chamber with remnants. Peristalsis, initiated by pressure on the lower rectal walls can introduce new contaminants into the upper chamber of the rectum. Telling your bottom “Houston, we have a problem” is an easy way to diffuse an embarrassing situation to let him know that a touch-up is needed.


For additional information on the entire fist chute, visit my website at:


Flagging & Hankies – Rants

Personal Opinions Regarding Flagging and the Hanky Code

Too Much of ‘Not a Good Thing’

On the Fist Club website, I have a detailed chart explaining colors, patterns, and materials used to flag your sexual proclivities. There are dozens of options, almost all of which are difficult to see in a darkly-lit bar. It’s overkill and ridiculous. For example, who can distinguish between mustard or yellow? Or, even in broad daylight, is that hottie flagging Red, Dark Red, or Maroon? Is that silver Lame in his back pocket, or simply gray cloth? And just what does Lame indicate anyway? And finally, is that toothbrush a flag, or just a sign of OCD and oral hygiene?

Luckily, we have this awesome video to help us out:

Nevertheless, it’s just too complex, and unwieldy. Sadly, there is no official governing board for the Hanky Code. Updates can be introduced by anyone, but don’t seem to be codified universally. What are we to do…

After a few glasses of wine and being coronated king of the International Hanky Codification Committee, my primary proposal would reduce codes to standard paisley fabric in a handful of colors: white, red, blue, purple, yellow, pink, brown, grey, black, green, and orange.

Of course, such a dramatic change would get overruled by a council of nobles; therefore, my compromise proposal would have the following suggestions:

  • Drop hankies/codes that signify what you are and keep only those with what you do. Items to cut include: Bear, Headmaster, Cowboy, Sailor, Flyboy, Tattoo, Piercings, Celebrity, Muscle, etc.
  • Drop the striped or dotted hankies/codes associated with race/ethnicity.
  • Change the color purple to represent drag performance and have lavender represent cross dressing (note that drag and cross dressing are actions as well as identities, but in this case the flags represent the actions).
  • Implement striped hankies for combining codes, such as blue w/lavender stripe for Fucks Drag Performers. But honestly, who can find or sew a striped hanky?
  • Add codes/hankies for newer kinks/fetishes: cosplay, furries, underwear, whippings/floggings, discipline, needle play.
  • Replace cut/uncut with docking.
  • Drop or replace anything that can be misread or easily, such as calico.
  • Drop or replace non-hanky related items such as teddy bear, toothbrush, keys, ziplock, etc.
  • Implement a chevron pattern hanky for Host/Travels.

Harness Culture & Flagging

Since I’m still a little inebriated, I’m just going to say that guys who wear red leather or red harnesses should not be offended when the world assumes you are a fister.

But alas, I’m torn and quite possibly pharisaical because I love the color orange and think natural brown leather harnesses look hot. I personally own an orange harness and would buy a natural untanned leather harness (usually russet or chestnut). If a guy came up and asked if I were into scat play, or if I wanted to be whipped, I’d have to say “I bought it cause I love the look and color.”

Fisting and Your Doctor

How to Talk About Fisting with Your Primary Care Provider


A recent discussion in an online fisting forum brought to light a few misconceptions regarding interaction with your physician. They included the following:

  • You don’t need to discuss fisting with your doctor (it’s only necessary on a need to know basis)
  • Your doctor can determine if you fist or have been fisting by a prostate or visual rectal examination
  • Most doctors know about fisting and the associated medical considerations and complications

This article deconstructs these myths with regards to your primary care provider. It does not provide details relevant to specialized providers (gastroenterologists and colorectal/general surgeons).

Breaking the Ice

Because anal fisting is considered taboo in most parts of the world, it may be difficult for both you and your practitioner to discuss the topic. Societal values push us into the closet, and many fisters wonder if it is even necessary to come out to their primary care provider. After all, what one does in the privacy of his own bedroom is hardly relevant to his medical care, right? Wrong! Fisting can affect your overall mental and physical health in ways that traditional sex (anal or other) does not.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to come out other than having a specific conversation with your doctor. Most providers are trained to be non-judgmental and non-reactive to any piece of information you tell them (at least while in the consult room). This training is designed to make you feel comfortable so that you can share any information regarding your health, regardless of how awkward or embarrassing it may be. That being said, practitioners are people too, and may be uncomfortable themselves because of their upbringing or lack of knowledge about the subject.  

If your provider lectures you about fisting after coming out, it may be time to change to a more kink-friendly provider. It may also be a time to re-examine your own behaviors because he may know more than what you expect him to know based on interactions with other patients.

Does My Hole Betray Me?

There is a good chance that you’ve seen more fisted holes than your doctor has. If he’s gay, you’ve probably even fucked more guys than he has. You know what engorged asslips look like, and you know that on most guys, they don’t appear until after several minutes of ass play. You know that some fisting holes are loose, and some are tight. You know that some fuck holes are loose, and some are tight. The point is this: Most of the time, you can’t even tell that a hole is trained for fisting until your hand is inside it. Unless your hole is permanently ‘wrecked’, your doctor will not know that you fist any more than he will know you wear pantyhose during super blood moons that occur only during leap years. Do not assume he knows by looking at your ass or examining your prostate.

Educating your Doctor

It is incorrect to assume your doctor knows anything about brachioproctic insertion. His knowledge may be limited to pop-cultural references or previous experiences with patients over the years. Medical schools and residency programs do not have curriculum dedicated to this activity. It may be important to ask your doctor about his familiarity with the practice and provide him some education. He can then alter your advice, screenings, and treatment plans based on this education and his knowledge of male physiology.

Use Your Words

You and your doctor need to speak the same language. You may need to teach him some basic vocabulary and jargon so that you are on the same page. These are common terms you use that may be new or unfamiliar to him: session, ass play, rosebud, hole, rings, and j-lube.

Diversity in Handball

You may also need to explain to him that there are several sub-genres of play: depth fisting, punch fisting, girth- and double-fisting, prolapse play, and advanced toy play. It’s important to let him know what kind of play you are into so that he is aware of potential complications.

Risk Tolerance

You can also discuss with your doctor that the very nature of fisting increases your risk of contracting certain infections or experiencing other medical conditions compared to the non-fisting public. Specifically, you should educate him on the following:

  • Boundaries and Societal Norms – You may be at risk because of decreased inhibitions of you or your partner. Fisters have less inhibitions than others and are willing to experiment sexually with many things such as group sessions, oversized and non-traditional toys, and mind-altering substances (specifically pot, poppers, Molly, and meth).  
  • Etiquette – You may be at risk because of you or your partner’s assumptions and experience levels. Generally, fisters follow a set of unspoken rules and guidelines during a session. This includes things such as sanitation practices, extensive douching, communication, power dynamics, and aftercare. While most fisters try to evaluate in advance the skill level of their partners, some assumptions are always made to avoid dampening the mood. Those assumptions can be dangerous.
  • Micro-tears – You are at risk because all fisting results in micro-tearing. Fisters monitor their sessions with observations on lube coloration. Lube is usually clear or white when a session starts but may turn pink as a session continues. Usually, a Top will notify a Bottom about the coloration of the lube, especially as it darkens. Dark red spots or streaking will often result in termination of the session. Many fisters won’t present to a doctor for dark red spotting until other symptoms are observed. Micro-tears increase the opportunity for transmission of STIs, specifically HIV and HEP C.
  • Protection – You may be at risk for higher transmission of STIs. Glove and condom usage is usually at the discretion of the Bottom. Not all sessions include anal sex; however, many do. It’s not uncommon for penetration to occur before, during and after a session. Ejaculation isn’t necessary, nor is it the terminating point of a session. Both the Top and Bottom may receive oral sex during a session, usually unprotected. And finally, many Tops enjoy anilingus (rimming) during a session.  Note that a majority of fisting sessions occur without any protection at all—even if you play protected, your partner probably doesn’t.
  • Lubrication – You may be at risk because of the type and quantity of lube used. Tons of lubrication options exist for play sessions. Most fisters use Crisco or veterinary obstetrical lube (J-Lube). J-lube is typically safe except when introduced into the peritoneal cavity in larger quantities via a tear or puncture. It is not uncommon to have large quantities of J-lube in a Bottom.
  • Douching – You may be at risk because of your douching practices. While there are many fisters that have been douching daily for decades and experienced no health concerns, there is growing evidence that natural expulsion of fecal material has certain health benefits. If you notice gastro-intestinal or general health issues, you may want to discuss the frequency and style of douching with your doctor; otherwise, you can probably keep this one to yourself.

Educating Yourself

Over time, your doctor builds a profile about you to help him effectively monitor your health and treat your medical conditions. Your own assumptions about fisting may be impeding the compilation of a correct profile.

Developing a Baseline

It is helpful for your doctor to have a baseline of your overall health and an understanding of your sexual practices in order for him to test and treat you correctly.

Sexual Health and Screenings

Your doctor should order the standard STI panel based on frequency of sexual activity. He has general guidelines for ordering the panel based on requirements from national health system and medical associations. To know what tests are necessary, you should tell him the approximate number of sexual partners since your last screening, whether protection was used, and the activities that occurred. Cultural taboos may prevent your doctor from asking these questions directly, so you should offer the information unsolicited.

While HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia are part of the regular battery of tests, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HPV, HSV, c-diff, throat/rectal occurrences of gonorrhea and chlamydia, and gastro-intestinal parasitic infections are not. Most doctors will only run those additional tests if you complain of certain symptoms. Ask your doctor how often you should be tested for these items. Fisters are at a higher risk of contracting HIV and HEP C due to the micro-tearing that occurs in most sessions.

Note that if you were treated for an STI in any place other than his office, you should inform your doctor and bring testing results so he can maintain a history in your chart. Most electronic medical records systems do not communicate information freely, including those from your local health department.

Colorectal Health and Screenings

There are additional tests and screenings that doctors routinely check unrelated to your sexual health. The primary examination involves prostate screenings: digital (fingering) and Prostate Specific Antigens (PSA). Stimulating the prostate via fisting can increase your PSAs and send false flags to providers. Your doctor needs to know if you have fisted recently to determine the validity of those tests. In general, you should avoid fisting for at least a week prior to your physical to get accurate results.

At a certain age, you will need a colonoscopy to assess cancer risks and other aging diseases related to the large intestine. Identifying your fisting practices to the screening physician will allow him to look for damaged areas (small rips and tears), identify any additional areas of concern, and eliminate false flags during his screening.

Piles (hemorrhoids) can be a complication due to fisting. They may result in discomfort and anal itching.  

Ocular Health and Screenings

Poppers in small amounts are not dangerous; however, a fisting session may last several hours and involve extensive use of poppers. You don’t need to share your fisting history with your eye doctor, but if you frequently use poppers (daily), or in large doses (three or more hits with regular weekly or bi-weekly sessions), you should let your physician and your eye doctor know. Your doctor will advise against use or will advise that you limit use to decrease your risk of permanent nerve damage and blindness. This is not anecdotal or judgmental advice. There are multiple documented cases where extensive popper use has resulted in blindness.

Mental Health and Screenings

When discussing fisting with my personal physician, he noted that men who identify fisting as their primary sexual activity often have a different mindset than the general public. Fisting becomes an integral part of their identity and may affect behavior and rational thinking. Modifying destructive behavior or irrational thinking related to fisting is often very difficult for fisters.

A mental health professional may be needed to alter inappropriate, dangerous, or high-risk behavior. With that in mind, you should discuss with your doctor the frequency of your play, substances used during play (and the frequency at which they are used), the type of fisting that dominates your play (punch, depth, girth, prolapse), your role in fisting (top or bottom), and the type of relationships you have with partners.  If he notes anything dangerous above the normal risks and the general spectrum of emotion and behavior related to human sexuality, he can refer you to outside assistance.


Fisting does affect your general health and thus, your relationship with your doctor. You should not be ashamed of your sexual practices, and you should openly discuss your practices and behaviors with your provider to ensure a long and happy life and fisting career. Avoiding these discussions can result in misdiagnosis and inappropriate testing and treatment.

Ten Tips for Avoiding Injury with Depth Fisting

A buddy on Asspig mentioned recently he has some anxiety about safety issues and depth*. Here’s my response:

For a bottom, depth fisting is largely about mental serenity. If you have higher levels of anxiety, you will never enjoy the pleasure and communion of depth play.

To decrease that anxiety, I’m going to use an analogy of a plastic bread bag or even a cheap knee-length sock. You can insert your arm ‘elbow deep’ inside it without tearing it when you follow a few basic guidelines. Remember that the rectum and colon both stretch and move like the bag does.

There are a few ways to poke a hole in the plastic bag or your lower GI tract:

  • You can poke a hole in the bag with a pencil or single finger with relative ease (compared to your fist or duckbilled hand).
  • You can tear it by punching it when you have reached the end of the it (note the end may be sooner than you think if you have it bent or contorted).
  • You can rip or puncture it by simple movement once it is stretched to the max (when it’s firm instead of loose).
  • Or you can rip, tear, or puncture it by altering the chemical norms of the bag (by extreme temperatures or chemical agents that decrease elasticity).

To avoid these above factors that increase risk of injury, follow these guidelines:

  1. Keep the colon in homeostasis as much as possible: Stay hydrated. Don’t fist under water or full of piss. Avoid over douching. Stay off meth or opioids. Use the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) a day or so prior to a long session, if needed.
  2. Do not simultaneously insert two depth toys side-by-side, especially if you are not a depth expert. Also, do not simultaneously combine hands with other depth toys side-by-side past than the rectum (don’t double up through the second ring).
  3. Use excess lube on toys and hands/arms. If possible, make sure your chute is also well lubed. It’s hard to stretch or tighten the colon to a status of rigidity if you and your partner are slippery as fuck.
  4. In solo sessions, use long, firm toys to straighten your chute long before attempting depth fisting.
  5. Train in gradual size and gradual depth insertion increments.
  6. Learn meditation techniques and use them when fisting.
  7. Don’t depth fist until you are fully comfortable with your partner’s fisting skill level and his ability to read body language and non-verbal signs.
  8. Don’t rely on poppers to open your hole. If you can fist or toy play without them, you are on your way to elbow depth insertion.
  9. Train the lower chute (first ring and rectum) to not send exit signals your brain so that you can pay attention to upper shoot signals. Essentially, master some girth and some movement down in the lower chute.
  10. Train with somebody who knows you and your chute that can and will drive you to the hospital in the event he rips you open!

*Depth fisting can vary by how shallow your rectum is. Typically, I consider depth fisting anything where you get four fingers through the second ring.